Professionally, Lasse Wikmark

lasse_250x2501[1] My professional career started back in 1986 when I got a part time job as a trainee at a local computer reseller. One full day a week and after school I worked there, and during that one year, I learned a lot about computers and technology.
In 1994, just a few months after I had finished my college education, I was head hunted to a software distributor, training center and consultancy firm as the support manager. Not long after I had started working for the company it was bought by Azlan Ltd., a pan-European distributor, and I got the internal IT manager role which soon became IT manager for the Nordic region. In addition to the responsibility of managing IT and IT personnel, I did both training classes and consultancy.
The idea of combining training, consultancy and team manager roles stuck with me for quite a few years. More or less all the way to 2006, when I got out of the consultancy business and started working for the Norwegian government.
The following video is a brief presentation of my professional resume. Use the links on the right to download the presentation or my official resume in Norwegian.

Skills and knowledge

The broad variety of roles has made me more of a generalist than a specialist, but if there’s something like a specialist in general, I’d think that would describe my professional status fairly well.
The experience from both the technical perspective as well as financial and business perspective has made me very aware of what modern technology should provide and be like in a modern and professional business. It has also proven that technical knowledge and background is essential to be a good manager and good advisor for increased business values.
As a solution architect and business advisor I still have to keep myself up to date on technical topics. Especially within areas such as collaborative tools and business applications, where as Microsoft SharePoint is the technology with my main focus.
I believe I have both the skills and knowledge to provide advisory services within the field of efficient use of technology in any business or field of operation.

Key focus area

Since the beginning of the 21st century I’ve focused more and more on the business side of technology. Employee effectiveness, the value of the human capital and business processes and values has been key focus areas.
However, if the corporate development isn’t aligned to the evolvement of technology, the outcome may be disastrous. To be able to achieve desired goals, change and optimization of an organization has to move in the same direction at the same time and pace as the supporting technology.

Personal abilities

Having been a trainer, consultant, team and project manager, technical director, IT manager and advisor, I have experienced what it will take to do a great job in any position.
What people around me value the most; I think my ability to see the whole picture and all aspects of a matter are the most important. Combined with the fact that I’m very quality-conscious, I always deliver what’s expected of me, and then some.
I’m structured and analytic and have the ability to put matters into perspective. I’m innovative and creative and like to think out-of-the-box, making the best out of any situation.
I’m very focused and determined in my work, and I expect that the people around me deliver what they are expected to. Even so, I’m still a team player and will put in the effort to make the team work better and deliver an excellent result.

Personal values

Times are changing and people tend to lose their integrity. Basic values vanish into thin air and profit sometimes seems to be the only thing that matters. Well, I think otherwise. Make people feel that they are appreciated and a part of something great and they will deliver that little extra which makes the difference.
I especially value honesty, sincerity and other people’s integrity, and expect other people to respect and value my integrity and values.
You can’t mean what you say
if you don’t say what you mean!

What next?

Since September 2011 I’ve worked as an internal operational and IT auditor at DNB Group Audit and don’t have any plans of changing that. However, I’m always open for suggestions and ideas without obligations. The idea of going back to doing consultancy is always present, but if I could choose I’d prefer to work internally in a medium to large company. Preferably as a manager such as CIO/CTO or a technical business advisor. Having no kids and a very understanding wife, I would consider positions anywhere and not just in Norway and Europe.
Find this interesting? Well, you may find my resume at LinkedIn and are more than welcome to contact me.

Selection of recommendations

“Lasse is a dedicated, highly motivated and professional colleague. I was impressed with the speed that he delivered, as with his insight and advice. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and I often ask his advice on projects that he is not directly involved in. I highly recommend Lasse because of his skills, knowledge and great attitude.”
– Ann-Kristin Salbuvik, Assistant director general, Norwegian MOD.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Lasse in two different companies. He is one of the very few people who is not only a technology expert, but also understands the underlying ideas of the products and solutions from a business standpoint. Lasse is thorough, specific and clear in his projects, and performs excellent as a project manager or as a team leader. I can sincerely recommend Lasse!”
– Morten Yndesdal, Sales manager, A-Team Norway

Personally, Lasse Wikmark

Born and raised in Oslo, the capital of Norway, where I’ve lived more or less my entire life. That is if you count the suburban areas as a part of the capital. Currently I live in Drøbak, about 30 kilometers from the center of Oslo.
I’m happily married with my wife Vibeke. Since we don’t have any children (and don’t intent to have some either), we care a lot for out cat which is a brown spotted Oci cat.
Having a large and caring family with lots of older siblings I’ve always been taken good care of.


How do you describe your own personality? My guess is that you can’t. You’re always going to describe yourself as you see yourself and not how other people do. This is why I’m not even going to try, and can only refer to what my colleagues, friends and family tell me.
Even so, I will tell you that I’m a very structured and systematic person. I’m very analytic and like to twist any situation around and try to see all aspects of it. I like to believe I’m a good listener and have the ability to understand other people quite well.
Socially I prefer small parties, such as a dinner with close friends or family and excellent food and drink. I guess this is because I like to have meaningful conversations, and larger social events often get shallow and doesn’t give me much.
Anyhow, the best way to describe my personality is by experience. If you don’t have the ability to do so, I suggest you talk to some of my friends or colleagues.

Personal interests

Besides the fact that I’m more or less interested in any topic I work with, I do in fact have some personal interests as well.
At wintertime I play bowling and have done so since 1989. Currently I play for the Norwegian bowling team “LiteGo“, which is based on the idea that practice is overrated and bowling should be fun.
In the summer I like to play golf. I’ve never been very good at it, but for me this is a mental hygiene and basic exercise. I’m a member of the “Norefjell” golf club and have been so since I started playing in 2001.
In addition to these sports like activities I like to play games. Both PC/XBox games and the more old fashion board and card games, especially Hold’em poker. And yes, I do fancy gambling but I’m not an addict yet.
I’m also an amateur photographer, as it seems anybody who’s somebody is these days. I prefer nature and object photography with special lighting.
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