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Rhod Gilbert on his trip to Australia

The thing about comedy is that it always lightens up the mood. Even on a stressful workday or when everything seems to go down the drain. Rhod is a Welsh stand up comedy artist which has several very good shows, but my favorite has to be when he went to Australia and had some problems with his luggage.

Unfortunately the sound is quite poor, but if you are somewhat good in English and listen carefully, you get the point.

Rhod Gilbert – Luggage Problems


If you fancy his kind of humor, search for Rhod Gilbert on YouTube.



The fabulous Jeff Dunham and “Ahmed – the dead terrorist”

This video was posted on YouTube several years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. Even if Jeff Dunham is most famous for his puppets “Walter” and “Peanut”, I think Ahmed is the very best.

Jeff Dunham and “Achmed–The dead terrorist”

To view more puppets and shows by Jeff Dunham, search YouTube or visit the Jeff Dunham official home page.

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